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After an initial consultation with our client, it is determined whether an online sale, public sale on the premise or combination of both will be conducted. Then our sales team will tag and price each item at its optimal selling price for the purposes of resale. These items may range from fine antiques, furniture, art, silver and jewelry to pots, pans and tools. We display and advertise items to optimize their worth as well as value items that you might have overlooked or discarded.  In addition, our extensive mailing list, social media presence and loyal customer following ensure widespread exposure.  Commission of the gross receipts for this service is determined after the initial meeting. 


A formal written document stating the estimated value of the targeted items. Fair market value is used for Estate purposes, while replacement value is issued for insurance purposes. The fee for a written appraisal (a legal document for estate or insurance purposes) is $125.00 per hour. E. Irene Lord is a qualified appraiser and a member of the New England Appraiser Association.


After an Estate Sale has been conducted, arrangments may be made with Lord & Ladies to manage the removal of the remaining items from the Estate in a timely and orderly manner.

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